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Opinion piece by Clinical Psychologist, James Scott

Those who throw the first stone about suicide, have perhaps not lived close to someone with intense agony. Severely depressed people have cancer of the soul, and it is the one cancer you cannot physically die from, except to end your own life. ‘Cancer of the soul’ sufferers sometimes just cannot continue, and they show mercy to themselves by ending their lives. ~ James Scott

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The final days of Kelly Johnson

“I’m in my home, I’ve got live music, I’ve got a lot of people,” he said. “I can go to a nursing home and I’d have a chest at the end of my bed with all my belongings in it, with someone who’s prolonging my life in misery. But you don’t have to have a black period in your life. I don’t, and I’m very fortunate.”

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Let Dying People End Their Suffering

Let me be clear: I understand that many people believe that only God should determine the time of their death, and I support them 100 percent. Others want every additional minute of life that medical science can give them, and I support those people 100 percent. But the end of life is an extremely personal experience. If, when my time comes, I see only unbearable suffering ahead of me, then I want my preference to have access to medical aid in dying to be supported 100 percent, as well.

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