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So that is indeed enough: Karel Schoeman and assisted dying ~ Jacques Rousseau

"I want to hope that my death will contribute to a wider discussion than is currently the case on the major problem of old age, as well as the general issue of self-determination, and above all that it might assist to bring about amendments to the current South African legislation pertaining to self-determination.

In this way, it is enough."

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Assisted dying: not only God can decide – in fact, She can’t decide at all ~ Jacques Rousseau

Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi: “Doctors are human and make mistakes too. They can say a person has a few weeks left to live, based on medical observation, but only God can decide when a person dies. As much as doctors played an important role in bringing life to this world, they should not be given the right to end it because they did not create it in the first place.

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