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Karel Schoeman – a private life, a public death ~ Marianne Thamm

In life, one of South Africa’s most prolific and celebrated historians, novelists and translators, Karel Schoeman, was notoriously hermitic, shunning most contact with the outside world. Schoeman’s self delivery – or suicide – on Monday at the age of 77 has once again opened the debate about the legal right to die with dignity in South Africa. He wanted it that way.

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So that is indeed enough: Karel Schoeman and assisted dying ~ Jacques Rousseau

"I want to hope that my death will contribute to a wider discussion than is currently the case on the major problem of old age, as well as the general issue of self-determination, and above all that it might assist to bring about amendments to the current South African legislation pertaining to self-determination.

In this way, it is enough."

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