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Professor Sean Davison: I killed Mom for love

I don’t want to go jail. When morality and the law collide, morality usually loses out. I certainly hope it doesn’t happen in my case. If I’m perceived to have committed a crime, it would be a crime of passion. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, I’ve got many people that I need to apologise to, but helping my mother (end her suffering) was not one of those (mistakes).

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Murder or Mercy? ~ Mandy de Waal

Do I think Davison should be convicted of murder? No.

Those are the easier questions to answer. If you want to get to the real nub of the debate you have to ask yourself the hardest question of all. Ask yourself whether you’d end the life of someone you love who was terminal, suffering and wanted to die.Would you kill your own father, mother or child? 

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