Add a Codicil to your existing will

What is a codicil?

A codicil is a schedule or annexure to an existing will, which is made to supplement or to amend an existing will. A codicil must comply with the same requirements for a valid will.A codicil need not be signed by the same witnesses who signed the original will.

To add a bequest to DIGNITY SA to an existing Will, simply download the codicil linked below.

NB: Please sign this form in front of two witnesses, neither of whom stand to benefit from your Will or from this codicil. Once completed, this codicil should be kept together with your Will, though not pinned, stapled, or clipped to it as this would invalidate it.

Thank you for your generosity.

Leave us a gift in your Will

We’re committed to changing the law so that dying people do not have to suffer unnecessarily or against their wishes.

We cannot do this without the help and generosity of our supporters. Whether it’s R50 or R50,000, leaving something to us in your Will really does make a difference. 

Leaving DignitySA a legacy will help us change the law sooner.

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For more information on Wills from the Master of the High Court go here: