Volunteers are the heart of DignitySA. Without them, it would be impossible for us to achieve our goals. 

We rely on our passionate supporters to engage with their communities, advocate for patient rights and to ensure South Africans are informed about assisted dying. Volunteers share in our mission by organising events, facilitating educational workshops and recruiting new supporters within their communities.

We call on you, our passionate supporters, to assist us in our mission to not only change the law, but to create awareness and advocate for patient rights.

Join the movement to afford South Africans compassion and choice at end of life — sign up to lend your talents and time to DignitySA by completing the feedback form below. We promise to respond within 48 hours.

"If compassion was the motivating factor behind all of our decisions, would our world not be a completely different place?" ~ Cheryl Crow

Lobby your local MP

Politicians are out of touch with the South African public on assisted dying. We need your help to ensure your MP is aware of local public support for a change in the law.

Engage with local political parties

Raise the issue of assisted dying at local political party meetings. If you or a member of your group belongs to a political party, the political ‘grassroots’ can be a great place to talk about the assisted dying campaign.

Local parties play a key role in selecting candidates for election. Putting pressure on MPs and candidates through local parties shows that assisted dying is an important issue shared by their voters.

Generate media activity

Work with your local newspaper to raise awareness of the campaign. Find people with powerful stories and encourage them to approach your local paper.

Write letters of support for a national story, or offer to speak on a local radio or TV discussion show.

Organise or speak at an event

Hold a discussion event or a debate on assisted dying to raise the profile of the campaign in your local area, you can request a speaker for your event.

Screen films or documentaries on assisted dying to inform the public. Find out about upcoming local festivals or events. Ask if your group can hold a stall to inform local people about the campaign. This is also a good way to publicise your upcoming events or gather signatures for a petition.


Use your local networks, including social media, to help us expand the reach of the campaign and gather more supporters. 

Ask your GP and your local religious leader if they will support the campaign.

Philanthropy and social change work are at their best when they are driven by your values and connected to what you care about most. ~ Charles Bronfman

Philanthropy and social change work are at their best when they are driven by your values and connected to what you care about most. ~ Charles Bronfman

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