Palliative Sedation ~ Dawn Evans


They called it “Palliative Sedation” for my dad. They told us to say bye to him as they couldn’t reverse it. They took off all liquids. Told us it could be hours or days. They gave him painkillers too – as they didn’t know if he was in pain or not. 10 minutes after the injection he died. They were surprised at the speed. Even though he was in a convulsive coma for 4 days before.

This was HELL for me.
As the eldest & also the executor & power of attorney I gave the go ahead to “perhaps speed things up”. I didn’t want to watch my pipe-fitter dad – covered in tattoos – thrashing on the bed unable to communicate and not aware of anything – for one more minute!

What they did was NO different than to put someone to peace. It in NO WAY takes away the suffering for the patient or the family member. It just gives doctors – whom are against assisted death – a way to swallow their ethics.

My beloved mum bravely fought cancer 5 times over 25 years. It was pummelled into us, about their wishes. NEITHER of my parents had their wishes or beliefs followed. That will haunt me till my dying day!

IF you made your dog suffer for days, weeks, months on end, you would be called an inhumane monster. But not in the medical field.

My mum died from bone & brain cancer! They told us they didn’t want to increase her Fentanyl as (get this) “they feared she would become addicted to it!!!!”

They cared more about my mom perhaps shaking, than her screaming out. To me you have lost your moral & ethical compass, if that is what you consider more worthy of your defence.

Lee LastComment