This is inhumane and cruel ~ Janice Inns

Image: Newsweek

My Mother is 93, and has lost the will to live… her eyesight is extremely poor, and even with glasses cannot see, so reading and watching television are out of the question. She is extremely deaf, and her hearing aids do not help at all. She had a pin put into her hip a year ago, and at that stage she still walked with the aid of a walker… she is now in a wheelchair.

For a long time she has felt that she has lived too long, but in the last 3 months she has given up. She cannot eat much without feeling ill, so she has about 2 teaspoons of egg and 2 sips of tea, and is basically starving to death. She is so weak that she needs someone to help her turn over when she is uncomfortable. I am not sure what she weighs, but probably 35-40kg. Her quality of life is zero. She sleeps all the time and does not have energy to even talk to us, but her heart keeps ticking.

This is inhumane and cruel!

It is so sad watching her, and we feel powerless. I can do nothing for my mother, even though I would like her to find peace. I do not ever want to be in her position, so I hope that by the time I am at her stage, I have a choice. I have shared on facebook, and got several people to sign the petition. I am at this stage supporting my mother, but will give a donation as soon as I can.

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